Alabama Housing Authority

The Alabama Housing Authority is made up of several local city and county branches that cover most of the population. Alabama has lots of programs that cover both voucher programs for housing and public housing if they're available. Alabama Housing Authority branch locations can help you with several different things, including applying for programs, helping to find new housing, or with any issues that you might be having with your current living arrangement. Depending on your income, you will get either part or all of your housing payment covered by the government. To get more information about your local AL Housing Authority, select form either the city or county near you below:

County Housing Authorities

AL008 Selma County Housing Authority

Address: 444 Washington Street, Selma, AL, 36702-Additional Address Information

Phone: (334) 874- 6271 Ext 0

Fax: (334) 874 - 5567

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AL173 Monroeville County Housing Authority

Address: 637 Drewry Road, Monroeville, AL, 36461-Additional Address Information

Phone: (251) 743 - 3183

Fax: (251) 575 - 4510

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AL053 Hamilton County Housing Authority

Address: 690 Bexar Avenue East, Hamilton, AL, 35570-4029

Phone: (205) 921- 3155 Ext 0

Fax: (205) 921 - 9045

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AL171 Uniontown County Housing Authority

Address: 104 Plumblee Street, Uniontown, AL, 36786-1160

Phone: (334) 628- 2051 Ext 0

Fax: (334) 628 - 2041

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AL129 Walker County Housing Authority

Address: 2084 Horsecreek Blvd., Dora, AL, 35062-Additional Address Information

Phone: (205) 648- 5963 Ext 0

Fax: (205) 648 - 0853

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AL075 Boaz County Housing Authority

Address: 400 Woodley Terrace, Boaz, AL, 35957-1361

Phone: (256) 593- 5824 Ext 104

Fax: (256) 593 - 5826

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AL116 York County Housing Authority

Address: 209 East Fifth Avenue, York, AL, 36925-Additional Address Information

Phone: (205) 392- 5071 Ext 0

Fax: (205) 392 - 5053

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City Housing Authorities

AL048 Decatur Housing Authority

Address: 100 Wilson Street Ne, Decatur, AL, 35602-Additional Address Information

Phone: (256) 353- 4691 Ext 0

Fax: (256) 353 - 4962

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AL114 Lineville Housing Authority

Address: 385 Evans Ave., Lineville, AL, 36266-Additional Address Information

Phone: (256) 396- 5421 Ext 0

Fax: (256) 396 - 5280

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AL181 Evergreen Housing Authority

Address: 203 Rabb Drive, Evergreen, AL, 36401-3342

Phone: (251) 578- 1488 Ext 0

Fax: (251) 578 - 5281

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AL128 Samson Housing Authority

Address: 12 N Wise Street, Samson, AL, 36477-1148

Phone: (334) 898- 7152 Ext 0

Fax: (334) 898 - 2554

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AL127 Andalusia Housing Authority

Address: 145 Murphree Drive, Andalusia, AL, 36420-Additional Address Information

Phone: (334) 222- 5871 Ext 0

Fax: (334) 222 - 7277

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AL157 Greensboro Housing Authority

Address: 101 Centerville Circle, Greensboro, AL, 36744-1000

Phone: (334) 624- 7728 Ext 0

Fax: (334) 624 - 7775

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AL111 Florala Housing Authority

Address: 22765 5Th Ave., Florala, AL, 36442-1700

Phone: (334) 858- 6421 Ext 0

Fax: (334) 858 - 2486

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Finding Affordable Housing in Alabama

For a lot of Americans, finding affordable housing can be a struggle. This is where your local housing authority can come in handy – whether you're a person who is below the poverty line, an elderly person that's searching for subsidized retirement accommodations, or a disabled person, you probably qualify for some kind of subsidized housing. We encourage you to search for your local Alabama housing authority by clicking on the links above to begin your journey to a more comfortable state of living. We've got a list of the addresses, websites, emails, and phone numbers that can help you find the place you deserve. is a comprehensive database of information about housing authorities. Public housing was created to provide safe and decent rental housing for low-income families, senior citizens, and persons with disabilities. Units that are provided by Alabama public housing provide a large variety of living arrangements, from single family houses to apartments with care for elderly people. Currently, 1.2 million households live in public housing, which is overseen by around 3,300 housing authorities. We try to keep our information as accurate as possible, but if you find any inaccuracies, please contact us.