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Welcome to, one of the web's most comprehensive directories of local housing authority offices. We've compiled information from thousands of housing authority offices, including addresses, phone numbers, building information, contact information, websites, and more! To start your journey, select a state and then county or city to find information about the housing authority location nearest you.

What is Subsidized Housing?

Subsidized housing is any amount of your rent or housing payment that is partially or fully paid for by the government. Depending on your income or situation, you can get either some or all of your housing payment paid for. Primarily, these situations include people who:

  • Make a small amount of income
  • Are elderly
  • Are disabled

Those are the 3 common scenarios for someone that qualifies for subsidized housing. That is not an exclusive list, though – many other people qualify for housing assistance.

How Can I Find Cheap Apartments?

Cheap apartments are harder and harder to come by in a lot of major cities nowadays. Depending on your situation, you might be able to qualify for subsidized housing through a number of government programs. We recommend clicking the link above for the state you live in, find the contact information for your local housing authority, and contact them to see if you qualify for assistance.

What Is Affordable Housing?

Great question –affordable housing is spending less than 30% of your gross income on housing expenses. For a lot of people, this can seem like it is impossible to find. We help people like yourself find more affordable housing options in your area. If you're spending more than 30% of your monthly income on housing, give your local housing authority a call to see if you qualify for any subsidies…or get help finding a new place to live. Click above to get started!